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Stay Tuned (Ashton Lopp 2018) on a cool morning


We have also raised Katahdin hair sheep for 18 years


Front bed


Put My Picture on the Cover (Lopp 2021) & Tetraploid Seedling


Selected Dormant Seedlings

Ashton & Terry Lopp.
We are located in Central Oklahoma. We grow 1200+ registered daylilies and thousands of seedlings.
We hybridize for Miniatures, Toothy edges, blue/patterned eyes, watermarks and overall hardy plants.

If you are interested in our plants or want to ask about availability, email us at

Shipping information, shipping begins around April 20th most years. We ship to the US only, we do not ship to states with strict agricultural restrictions.
Shipping is $12 for the first cultivar, $1 per each additional. We only send healthy blooming size plants.

Garden Visitors, peak bloom is during June, contact us for an appointment!

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