***We will be on the 2024 National Convention Tour in Oklahoma City, and we are holding most of our cultivars until after the National Convention. Afterwards we will be offering many of our 1,500 registered daylilies for sale***


Bear’s Cage (Ashton Lopp 2021) Diploid, 5” 28” 3 way branching with at least 15 buds. Midsession, Dormant, Rose pink with mulberry purple eye surrounded by a black pencil mark, and green throat extended onto sepals. Parentage: (Cat Dancer X Fluid Dynamics) X Texas Kaleidoscope Pollen fertile Picture taken in the early morning light


Bear’s Cage kind of follows a naming theme for me, in weather terminology the “bear’s cage” is where there are rotating rain curtains in a severe thunderstorm, where a possible tornado will form.


Bear’s Cage


Chips and Salsa (Terry Lopp) 2021 Diploid 5” 30” 3 way branching 20 buds. Mid, Dormant. Yellow gold with wine eye and lighter highlights, gold midribs, and wine streaks on sepals. Parentage: Galaxy Explosion X (Nikki Schmith X Blue Oasis)


Chips and Salsa


Chips and Salsa showing the smoky red eye


Grace’s Legacy (Terry Lopp) 2021 Diploid, 6” 36” M DOR - 3 way branching 20 buds Crimson with large green throat. Fertile both ways


Put My Picture on the Cover (Terry Lopp) 2021 Diploid - 5.5” 34” 4 way branching 20+ buds per scape. Midseason, Dormant. Mauve ruffled with multi color eye with shades of purple, blue, and grey outlined with wine pencil mark and extended on the sepals. The most photographed flower in our garden in 2020. Fertile both ways


Put My Picture on the Cover. All pictures are taken with an iPhone with no editing other than cropping.


Put My Picture on the Cover


PMPOTC on a rainy morning


PMPOTC showing scape on a newly lined out double fan.


What Little Girls Are Made of (Terry Lopp) 2021 Diploid, 5” 36” 3 way branching 18 buds, Late to very late, dormant. Pink with powder blue highlights and cream orange pink eye, green throat with white midribs. Parentage: Seedling X Texas Kaleidoscope. Fertile both ways

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