2024 introductions

Windswept Blackout

Windswept Blackout Prairie Tornado x Lillian’s Rainbow at Dawn 32” tall, 3” blooms, 5 way branched 35 buds. Dark purple near black with black eye. Warm white edge on petals and sepals. Green to yellow throat. M D Re

Cute as a Bugs Ear

Cute as a Bugs Ear Mary Ethel Anderson x Lillian’s Rainbow at Dawn 28” tall, 2.75” blooms 4 way 25 buds. EM D Re Red with dark red eye and green throat.

Windswept Harmony

Windswept Harmony seedling x Ledgewoods Calico Blues 18” tall 3.5” blooms 4 way 20 buds M D Re Pink with purple veins. Lavender eye with extended green throat.

Sissy Rissy

Sissy Rissy 25” tall, 2.75” blooms, 4 way 25 buds M D Re Cream pink with multicolored patterned eye of violet tones and silvery white repeating on sepals and etched raspberry outlined.

Oklahoma Baby Doll

Coffee to Go x Helicopter 28” tall, 3” bloom, 6 way 30 buds Pink and cream bi-color with darker pink band and white mid rib. M D Re

Windswept Sweetie

Little Print x Little Surfer Girl 24”tall, 2.75” bloom, 4 way 25 buds M D Re Pink ruffled with multicolored veined eye of purple, silver, lavender outlined with a raspberry pencil mark on petals and sepals. Green to yellow throat.

Pixie Power

Seedling x Pixie Pleasure Ruffled purple with darker eye, silvery white highlights and edges. 20” tall, 3” blooms, 3 way 15 buds M D Re

Take the Scenic Route

Halloween Green x seedling 24” tall, 2.75” blooms, 4 way 20 buds M D Re Orange with red eye and green throat banded in gold.

Green It Up

Grace’s Legacy x Green Inferno 36” tall, 6” blooms, 5 branches and 30 buds. Yellow green with extended green throat. M D Re

Windswept Song of Praise

(Nikki Schmith x Blue Oasis) x Moroccan Sapphire 28” tall, 5” blooms, 3 way and 20 buds. Fuchsia and pale pink bicolor with fuchsia petals edged in light pink with blue gray watermark and extended yellow green throat.

Our 2024 registrations.
Several of our new introductions are very limited as we have named selections before the AHS National Convention.
Thanks to all for your interest in our plants.
Our garden is on the AHS National Convention tour in June 2024.
We will wait for sales and shipping until after the convention to ensure our plant displays are best for our garden guests.

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